Issue nº16 Special Edition / BENICIO DEL TORO X MICK ROCK


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Issue nº16 Special Edition / BENICIO DEL TORO X MICK ROCK

Benicio Del Toro is the subject of Mick Rock’s lens in this special cover feature. Del Toro, a lifelong fan of the legendary photographer, chat it up on the set in a free-flowing discussion on their love of music and creating art in this exclusively editorial. Del Toro poses in a series of shoes the photographer created with AS IF which are a tribute to his friend and lifelong collaborator, David Bowie.

Actress Halston Sage’s Grace Kelly beauty is only trumped by her talent. Starring in both silver and small screen productions she has quickly become a A-Lister for Hollywood execs, and a favorite of viewers.

There’s a new prodigy in town: Alex Wolff, just 22 years old, is a sought-after actor, and now director. After his spell-binding performance in the 2018 horror hit, Hereditary, his directorial debut, The Cat and the Moon, has proved he is a voice for a new generation.

Musician, singer, and Moby muse, Julie Mintz bewitches audiences with her soulful and angelic voice. With a new album and single that has topped the charts, she poses for photographer Tatijana Shoan in an enchanting editorial shot in the abandoned hospital building of Ellis Island.

Rapper and actor Shameik Moore, is quickly becoming a Hollywood player. After his runaway film hit, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse a sequel is on its way, and he can currently be seen in Wu-Tang Clan: An American Sagaon Hulu.

Great-granddaughter of Diana Vreeland, Caroline Vreeland, would make the former fashion editor proud. This model, actress, and singer can now add fashion designer to her list of credits with a sexy and playful line of panties she designed for Kiki de Montparnasse.

Revered photographers Mike Ruiz, Jordan Doner, Amber Gray, and Tatijana Shoan present fashions latest trends in editorials that amuse and inspire.

Iconic supermodel Veronica Webb poses in Chanel as a tribute to her dear friend, Karl Lagerfeld. Webb speaks about their decade’s long friendship in an intimate and inspiring editorial.

Issue nº16 also includes Objectify, our editor’s must-have collaboration items of the season.