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Our cover girl Kate Beckinsale opens up about what it was like growing up in the theatre, being a working mother in Hollywood, life as a female action hero, and her latest film project that brings her back to her English roots. Exclusive editorial shot by Tatijana Shoan on location at the infamous Robert Evans’ Woodland estate in Beverly Hills.

Meet the passionate founders of MADE fashion week, a platform for emerging designers and artists. Photographers Robert Whitman and Tatijana Shoan were granted access to shoot behind-the-scenes while the fall’s shows were in full swing. Founders Jenné Lombardo, Mazdack Rassi and Keith Baptista talk about changing the way artists collaborate with each other and the future of fashion.

Once a port for millions of immigrants into the New World, Ellis Island opened its doors for the first time in history to a magazine for an extraordinary fashion pictorial showcasing the haunted halls of America’s most important and notorious gateway.

AS IF’s own Beauty Editor, Veronica Webb, shows off the skills that made her a renowned supermodel in this grunge-lux, fashion editorial.

Renowned painter and fixture of the 80’s New York art scene, David Salle talks to our Fine Art Editor Kim Heirston and shares his insight on his influences, his contemporaries, and how the art world has changed over the decades.

Actor/producer Elijah Wood, most famously known for his role as Frodo in The Lord of the Rings, reveals he is somewhat of a Renaissance man as he talks with publisher Scott Fishkind about acting, DJing, producing, and his passion for indie-horror.

Spring and summer fashions abound in this stunning multi-page fashion editorial, Color Theory, styled by Mane Duplan.

Graffiti and installation artist Swoon talks about her entrance into a male dominated scene, and the process of using artistic ability and creativity to make a social impact.

Living punk rock legend Marky Ramone discusses the birth of punk, overcoming alcoholism, and how he continues to bring the music of the Ramones to a younger generation. Photographed at the new location of the famed East Village punk boutique, Trash and Vaudeville.

Author John Garofolo, talks about his new book book, Dickey Chapelle Under Fire: Photographs by the First American Female War Correspondent Killed in Action” about the pioneering female photojournalist, her ability to get access and stories her colleagues could not, and her final moments alive.

Issue nº9 also includes Veronica Webb’s beauty picks; Objectify, our editor’s picks for luxury and unique objects centered around the theme of Tribal Impressionism; and Out There, featuring our editor’s picks of the best luxury hotels with wine experiences, from rooms with a vineyard view to private tastings with some of the world’s best sommeliers.