AS IF MAGAZINE is a large-format biannual luxury publication focused on the realms of artistic expression and the visionaries behind them. We feature individuals who made a creative mark in our society in art, fashion, design, architecture, music, and all forms of artistic expression.

Featuring both print and digital, AS IF aims to deliver curated, high-end content gearing towards the art of collaboration. We bring together some of the best artistic talent in the world, give them the opportunity to create, and showcase their work to you. 

AS IF's artistic approach to fashion editorials combine high-end fashion and pop-culture with cutting-edge design, offering an unparalleled creative platform for fashion designers and luxury brands to position themselves with our discerning consumer group. AS IF MAGAZINE is the epicenter of a passionate community consisting of cultured trend-setters at the intersection of art, fashion, design, travel, and culture.

AS IF is quickly becoming a must-read and collected among some of the most sophisticated influencers, tastemakers and consumers in the world. Our targeted distribution continues to grow reaching a circulation of over 60,000 throughout the US, Europe and Asia. 

AS IF Magazine is currently distributed through ASIFMAG.COM, select newsstands, bookstores and luxury hotels in major US cities both domestically and internationally.