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Issue nº10 / JiHAE

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Issue nº10 / JiHAE

Our cover girl, JiHAE is the underground musician whose authentic sound and vibe have The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and NPR singing her praises. Her short career includes collaborations with music dignitaries such as Lenny Kravtiz, Dave Stewart, and the legendary Leonard Cohen, artist Marco Brambilla, playwright and director John Patrick Shanley, and filmmaker Michel Gondry. JiHAE’s singular sound results in moving and beautifully crafted music that proves unforgettable. Her latest foray into the arts was as an actress starring in MARS, the National Geographic mini-series produced by Brian Grazer and Ron Howard. JiHAE has definitely proved to be a worthy player in the world of artistic pursuits.

Alexandre Vauthier’s elegantly daring couture collections have been luring celebrities, socialites, models, and magazine editors since he debuted his private label in 2009. He has taken Parisian classic haute couture forms and reconsidered them for the modern woman, creating a new impression that is a refreshing departure from traditional costume. Couture’s wild child talks candidly with AS IF about his childhood influences, where he finds creativity, and his love for designing.

Fashion editorial HOT MESS with NYC It kid Luka Sabbat is the talk of every fashion brand in the city. From Gucci who gave him the suit he wore in this fashion editorial, to Tom Ford who made him his prom suit, Sabbat’s cool is only getting hotter.

Lingerie and jewelry are the stars of our fashion editorial Dirty Blonde. Diamonds, emeralds, pearls, oh my!

Robert Mapplethorpe’s importance in the art community is ever on the rise. This controversial artist’s work was currently on exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts through January. MMFA’s Director General and Chef Curator, Nathalie Bondil shares her thoughts on Mapplethorpe’s work, controversies, and legacy.

Stylist Mane Duplan chose Parsons School of Design’s top graduates for this fashion editorial.

Barry Feinstein documented the biggest societal movement in music America has seen in the last century. His intimate and revealing images of Bob Dylan are forever engraved in our memory and have become somewhat of a lexicon of the artist himself. For AS IF, Feinstein’s surviving wife Judith Jamison shares some of the photographer’s images and memories.

Model Helena Sopar, photographer Tatijana Shoan, and fashion director Stacey Jones travelled to Croatia for this exclusive island fashion editorial.

Issue nº10 also includes Objectify, our editor’s picks for luxury and unique objects centered around the theme of Heavy Metal; and Out There, featuring our editor’s picks of the best luxury hotels with unique experiences to satisfy the winter enthusiast seeking alternative snowy destinations.

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